SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility International Languages and Norms

TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE is a global resource for business improvement.  With millions of users in more than 35 countries, SOCIAL STYLE is truly changing how the world does business.  But because interpersonal effectiveness is by definition individualized, a single Profile is not sufficient.  To that end, TRACOM offers SOCIAL STYLE Profiles in more than a dozen languages and tailored to 20 unique countries and geographic regions.   This results in both the most accurate assessment and the best experience for participants, raters and facilitators.

International Languages

English may be the language of business, but TRACOM recognizes that allowing participants to learn in their native language makes training more effective.  International language support is available for both the initial survey Profile questionnaire and the completed SOCIAL STYLE Profile Report.

Participants and their raters can choose from more than a dozen languages.  And each person can choose whichever language they prefer, independent of the language chosen by others.

View list of International Language Options for SOCIAL STYLE.

International Norms Also Available

If you are using our Profiles outside the U.S., it’s important to understand cultural differences and how they can impact perceptions of Style and Versatility.  In addition to our standard North American norm, TRACOM has developed a variety of international norms to reflect the culture and behavioral standards of individual countries and geographic regions.   In doing so, people receive profiles that are most meaningful for them.

Additional information about International Norms for SOCIAL STYLE.

International Partners

TRACOM has reseller partners in many countries around the world.

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