Behavioral EQ® Applications Guide

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The Behavioral EQ Applications Guide is a resource to develop a person’s Emotional Intelligence skills and put them to immediate use. It guides the learner through the development of a Behavioral EQ Action Plan with exercises and advice for common workplace situations. Following these strategies increases individual and organizational performance.

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The  Behavioral EQ Applications Guide provides tips for each of the areas of Behavioral EQ and references interesting research on EQ and related topics.  Following these strategies will boost individual and organizational performance.  It starts by describing a few strategies for change that are relevant across all the exercises.  No matter what you choose to work on, keep these strategies in mind.  The next section provides a review of Behavioral EQ concepts, followed by descriptions of what Behavioral EQ looks like in practice.  Here you will read descriptions of people with high Behavioral EQ, which can be helpful as you begin to strategies your development plan.  As you begin to strategize, the next section provides an action-planning template that you can use to focus on specific elements of the model that you want to work on.  This is followed by the main section of the guide – strategies for enhancing Behavioral EQ.  This is where you will find the various techniques for enhancing your abilities.