Improving Personal EffectivenessTM OnDemand+

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The Improving Personal Effectiveness OnDemand+ course combines online eLearning of the key concepts of SOCIAL STYLE® and Versatility with a facilitated half-day session to develop these crucial interpersonal skills. Participants complete an online self-perception SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility assessment and complete a 2-3 hour eLearning session prior to a half-day instructor-led session. The course serves to demonstrate how to apply Style skills in the workplace with interactive exercises and facilitated discussion.  Purchase of the corresponding administration kit is required for this course.  Purchasing the administration kit qualifies the facilitator to become a SOCIAL STYLE Accredited Instructor.  Details regarding the accreditation process will be emailed after purchase.

Completing a SOCIAL STYLE Profile also offers learners a free post-training tool – SOCIAL STYLE Navigator® – which provides modular learning to apply SOCIAL STYLE strategies to solve common workplace situations.