Introduction to SOCIAL STYLETM

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Introduction to SOCIAL STYLE is an introductory course to teach participants the concepts of SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility in a half-day format.

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Introduction to SOCIAL STYLE is a half-day course that covers the key concepts of SOCIAL STYLE® & Versatility. This class teaches the basics of understanding one’s own behavior and recognizing and working with the behaviors of others. The class instructor leads participants through a series of exercises, video vignettes and facilitated discussion to develop an understanding of how to achieve better relationships, thus increasing workplace productivity.  It can be taught with a self-assessment or multi-rater profile. The participant package offered through the online store includes paper self-perception questionnaires.

For online profiling options and pricing, please contact TRACOM.  Certification is required when using a multi-rater Profile.Completing an online Universal SOCIAL STYLE Multi-Rater Profile offers learners two free post-training interactive tools – SOCIAL STYLE Passport and SOCIAL STYLE Navigator®. SOCIAL STYLE Passport enables learners to see how their Profiles may change based on the behavior standards of different countries and regions. SOCIAL STYLE Navigator provides modular learning to apply SOCIAL STYLE strategies to solve common workplace situations.