Managerial SOCIAL STYLE® Concepts Guide and Self-Perception Questionnaires

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The SOCIAL STYLE Improving Managerial Effectiveness with VersatilityTM Concepts Guide and Self-Perception Questionnaires provide a convenient and inexpensive introduction to interpersonal effectiveness concepts for managers.

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The Managerial Concepts Guide and Self-Perception Questionnaires offer a quick and easy introduction to interpersonal effectiveness at work.

This Purchase Includes:

  1. Self-Perception Questionnaires (SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility)
  2. Managerial Concepts Guide
  3. Social Style Navigator® (post-training on-demand micro-learning)


The SOCIAL STYLE Questionnaire assesses how individuals see themselves as communicating and interacting with others at work.  The Versatility Questionnaire is independent of SOCIAL STYLE and assesses how individuals relate to others in ways that are important for working effectively with others, regardless of their SOCIAL STYLEs; together, these tools help build self-awareness of behavior and an understanding of the importance of improving workplace relationships to increase effectiveness and productivity for managers and their direct reports.

Completing the SOCIAL STYLE profile also offers learners a free post-training tool – SOCIAL STYLE Navigator – which provides modular learning to apply strategies to solve common workplace situations ondemand.