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The Producing Results with Others OnDemand+ course is the most comprehensive SOCIAL STYLE® and Versatility course, combining both eLearning and a full-day, facilitated session. Participants complete an online multi-rater SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility assessment and complete a 2-3 hour eLearning session in advance of class. The facilitator-led one-day session emphasizes putting Style and Versatility skills to use in a variety of workplace settings and situations. The majority of the full-day course consists of role-playing exercises and application scenarios to master these skills. The combination of the online eLearning and one-day course provides learners with a highly personalized and satisfying experience. Facilitating this course requires certification.

Completing an online Universal SOCIAL STYLE Multi-Rater Profile offers learners two free post-training interactive tools – SOCIAL STYLE Passport and SOCIAL STYLE Navigator®. SOCIAL STYLE Passport enables learners to see how their Profiles may change based on the behavior standards of different countries and regions. SOCIAL STYLE Navigator provides modular learning to apply SOCIAL STYLE strategies to solve common workplace situations.