Producing Results with OthersTM

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The first day focuses on knowing yourself, controlling yourself, knowing others and doing something for others.  The second day of this course concentrates on the Versatility component of workplace interactions. Participants learn their Versatility scores and the various behaviors that make up each of the four components of the score. Armed with the conceptual knowledge, the course works through how to increase Versatility, which has been proven to be an important factor in workplace success. Facilitating this course requires certification. You may choose to certify your own staff or use TRACOM’s certified instructors to deliver convenient and effective on-site training.

Completing an online Universal SOCIAL STYLE® Multi-Rater Profile offers learners two free post-training interactive tools – SOCIAL STYLE Passport and SOCIAL STYLE Navigator®. SOCIAL STYLE Passport enables learners to see how their Profiles may change based on the behavior standards of different countries and regions. SOCIAL STYLE Navigator provides modular learning to apply SOCIAL STYLE strategies to solve common workplace situations.