Universal SOCIAL STYLE® Multi-Rater Profile

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The Universal SOCIAL STYLE Multi-Rater Profile provides the most comprehensive picture of a person’s SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility. It uses an online, multi-rater questionnaire and provides the most detailed report including in-depth information on the four components of Versatility – Image, Presentation, Competence and Feedback.

This Product Includes:

  1. Online multi-rater profile unique to the individual learner
  2. Social Style Navigator® – modular learning to apply SOCIAL STYLE strategies to solve common workplace situations.
  3. SOCIAL STYLE Passport – On-demand tool for learners to see their profile results scored using a different Cultural Norm

Purchase of additional TRACOM course, content or content license is required when purchasing this profile.  Certification is also required when using a Multi-Rater Profile.